Your trip to Vermont will be much more fun if you stay at a nice hotel. Here are the five reasons to go to Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes, Vermont. The resort is comfortable and elegant, and makes a great destination regardless of the season.

Dining and restaurants
Basin Harbor Club features many restaurants and dining options. You can have a continental buffet here, as well as lunch and dinner in a stylish and elegant setting. If you just want to stay in and relax, room service is available. Maybe you need a menu for a party, so check out the catering options.

Weddings and meetings
It doesn’t matter what you dreamed your wedding to like, Basin Harbor Club can cater to your every need. The resort offers diverse wedding packages and customized menus for your and your guests. The extensive experience of the staff, along with the scenic views will help your wedding turn out perfect.

Check out the gift shop
Maybe you want to buy a few gifts before going back home, so don’t forget to visit the gift shop. The store includes a variety of ornaments and even accessories that you can choose from.

Planned activities
Basin Harbor Club provides indoor and outdoor activities that satisfy every requirement. The hotel organizes numerous events for kids and adults on a daily basis, so you will not get the chance to get bored during your stay. Go hiking on the trails, rent a bike from the reception or explore the area on a tour.

The fitness room
If you want to stay active even during your vacation, you may be glad to know that Basin Harbor Club offers a fitness room. Maybe you want to learn something new, and in that case you can sign up for a Yoga class with a professional instructor.