Here are the five reasons to go to Summit Lodge & Resort in Killington, Vermont. The natural setting and comfortable rooms will make you want to return here on your next holiday.

The location and facilities
The resort is located only a few minutes away from Killington, so you will have a city in your vicinity. In addition to that, guests benefit from a free shuttle bus service. The rooms are furnished in a rustic manner, and most of them offer a scenic view over the mountains. The rooms are also equipped with microwaves, blow dryers and cable TV. Room service is also included in the price.

The restaurants and dining
You don’t need to leave the hotel in order to enjoy a good meal. Summit Lodge features 2 restaurants with a casual profile. The menus offered are suitable to any taste, and vegan options are available. If you want to have some drinks in the evening, head over to The Saint’s Pub for a glass of wine or a cocktail.

Consider a vacation package
If you want to get an all inclusive deal, consider one of the several vacation packages offered by the hotel. You can choose a family oriented package, or maybe decide on a wedding package if you want to get married here.

Explore the natural area
Summit Lodge is conveniently located close to many of Vermont’s most important attractions and nightclubs. If you take a short drive or even walk, you will be able to locate the city’s best clubs and restaurants.

Winter vacations

The region is a beautiful place to spend a winter vacation at. The Killington ski lift is located nearby, and you can practice skiing, snowboarding or ice skating whenever you are in the mood. The winter packages are diverse and include weekend stays, as well as free breakfast options.