15827798789_d6d04b543c_b               Do you want to find out which are the top 10 places to visit in Fremont (California) and why? This short article will present you with just that in no particular order.


Hayward Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are different when compared to their Western counterparts. This Garden is a family destination as people of all ages like to see koi fish and turtles swimming in the pond. Feeling completely relaxed and at peace has no price, this is why there is no admission fee to this garden.


Coyote Hills Regional Park

People come here for the great views of wetland and cities alike, but also to checkout some archaeological sites. These sites preserve signs that Native Americans lived in the area. Access to the sites is possible only through special arrangements.


Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

The silent film era is long time gone, however people still like watching them. This museum plays silent movies on a weekly basis in an effort to keep them alive. The building itself is 100 years old and owned by Nickelodeon.


Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge

The main purpose of this refuge is the protection of various wild animals living or migrating to the San Francisco Bay. Coming here for a visit will provide many chances of spotting migratory birds as well as threatened and endangered species of animals.


Ardenwood Historic Farm

This location is actually a park that includes a farm, a mansion and a forest. The place is historic because the mansion was built in mid 19th century. The Railroad Museum at Ardenwood seems to be the park’s main point of attraction.


Aqua Adventure

This water park is family oriented as it has really shallow pools designed for kids, water slides, a lazy river, shaded and picnic areas. The 5 lanes utility pool is specially created for those who want to swim.


Fremont Central Park

Residents come to this park for a series of recreational activities such as picnics, taking pictures, walking, and even playing golf. There is a man made lake in the middle of the park and this is where many folks like to sit on the grass and relax.


Golden Gate Bridge

There’s probably no person in the modern world who won’t recognize this bridge. Its construction finished in 1937 and for quite some time it receives 9 million visitor every year. Not many people know about the gift shop or about the cafes selling classic American foods.


San Jose McEnery Convention Center

This center is a really good place for conventions, meetings and various types of events. With a little bit of luck you’ll just get there during one of these happenings. If you’re unlucky them make sure to have your camera prepared for some amazing shots.


Newpark Mall

Spending money is really easy at any mall and this one doesn’t only have well known brands and stores, but also more than 150 specialty stores. Finding something nice or unique to take back home is something many of us hope for when going out.