garlandThis is a top 10 places to visit in Garland (Texas) and why, specifically for those who think this city has nothing to offer.

Garland’s Landmark Museum

Perhaps not many people are interested in seeing old newspapers, quilts and farm tools used in the past in Garland, but they did help shaping up the city Garland is today. Oldest artifacts date back to 1850 while the newest are of current use. Visits are possible only on Saturdays.

Spring Creek Greenbelt

This area is a quite popular with locals when it comes to having a picnic, a grill, or to just taking a walk. The area also has a fishing pier in a pond for those who want to be alone with their thoughts.

Granville Arts Center

This center serves as both a concert hall and a meeting area. Various art exhibitions also take place here. While the center might not be in used at all times for events, it offers great photo opportunities thanks to its architecture, so check it out when in town.

Curtis Culwell Center

Visit this place if you’re searching for the next location of a corporate event, convention, or even a training session. If you need a good photoshoot location, perhaps the outside of this center can be it, so why not having a look at it?

Spring Creek Forest Preserve

Many people like to think that forests are somewhat magical or even scary. Whatever your thoughts are on the matter go to this forest to see trees that are three centuries old as well as more than 600 species of plants and animals.

Poetry Place

Everything about this location screams vintage and old. Everything about this building dates back more than 100 years including the light fixtures, original window panes, and embossed copper ceilings.

Rowlett Creek Preserve

Taking a walk in nature is best done here. The preserve features a 15 miles long trail that both hikers and bikers can use. Those coming here also like to stop by the picnic area as it also has a grill. Getting some rest in the gazebo is another option for others, so which activity is your favorite?

Resistol Hat manufacturing plant

Texas is well known for its cowboys, and while this may be a generalization, most likely most of them have their famous hats done here. The tours of the plant are not free of charge, but they are on the cheap end and must be scheduled in advance.

Lakewood Brewery & Taproom

As long as you have the legal age for drinking you should definitely stop by this brewery to discover some really interesting beers. Make sure to come on weekends for free tours of the brewery. You should also ask about the seasonal and special brews available at the taproom on your way out.

Firewheel Town Center

Conveniently located in the heart of the city as the name suggests, this area is filled with both well known and local shops, restaurants, and it even has two theaters: an IMAX and an AMC theater.