Kansas City, Kansas, not to be mistaken to Kansas City, Missouri, also known as the heart of the United States, is located right at the geographical heart of the country. Home of fairs that travel in time and of unique marble makers, these are the top 10 places to visit in Kansas City, Kansas:


Renaissance Festival

Travel in time and to magical places. See knights riding horses, smith men making tools, singing mermaids, fire masters, kings and queens, and anything your imagination can picture. The fair not only brings magical places to life but also offers food, drinks, games and crafts from all over the world to provide for a experience to people all ages.


Vineyard Visit

Among trees, ponds and nature, right north of the city, there are vineyards and wineries owned my local families that cultivate and grow grapes and make the wine themselves. Starting as personal wineries converted later on into commercial ones, tastings are offered.


Kansas Speedway

Located at the west of the city, join thousands of Nascar race fans in seeing action packed races. Feel the thrill and excitement of drivers who at very high speeds compete to cross first the end line.


Sauer Castle

Featuring 19th century classical architecture, Sauer Castle used to be the residence of Anton Sauer. Prominent family from Austria who first moved to New York and then to Kansas city after a case of tuberculosis. It is currently a historical landmark of the city.


Murals Avenue

Located downtown, over four blocks eight outstanding murals celebrate and share the history and culture of Kansas City, Kansas. Over 30 high school students were guided by professional artists were the responsible for bring these 4-year project to life.


Marbles Making

Have a field trip to Moon Marbles Company to learn how marbles are made and remember the games of childhood with these wonderful and colorful marbles. Learn about sizes, games and dare to risk some of your just made marbles, while you learn about its history and making.


SavArt Gallery

A colorful and art rich oasis offers to visitors the unique view of the artist, a local born who over 30 years has shared his art and invites to dream those who visit the place.


Bonner Spring City Library

A real active community player, this library offers more than books. It offers experiences so that locals and visitors interact with one another around food and get lost into the magical world of books and stories.


Cider Hill Family Orchard

These family own piece of land, full of planted fruit trees is the home for over 1500 apple trees. Guests can pick their own and wander and explore as long as they want to. The orchard invites people to stay and to even share their most precious moments in their lands.


CommunityAmerica Ballpark

It is a baseball park that congregates local baseball team, soccer league and high school teams play. So, visit and get a feeling of the local sports life of the city.