Are you looking for a high end hotel in Vermont? In that case, check out the five reasons to go to Topnotch Resort.

Go to the Spa
Just like any other resort at the mountains, Topnotch offers a Spa where you can try some of the best treatments. Start things off with a honey wrap, or try an aromatherapy massage instead. If you came here with your significant other, you may be glad to know that couple massages are also available.

Organized activities
The resort organizes trips and excursions on a daily basis. If you have the time, make sure to check out the schedule in order to find the one you like. You can go hiking on the trails, or go fishing on the river. Some of the other activities include kayaking, golfing and ziplining. All the activities are family friendly, so take your kids with you for a day full of fun.

Experience the dining
Although the resort is located only minutes away from numerous restaurants, it also features some of its own. You can choose to have a stylish dinner and enjoy the view or take advantage of the buffet options. Furthermore, you should also check out the bar and grab a cocktail after a full day of exploring.

Go on a shopping spree
The resort is not far from the malls in the area. If you have expensive tastes, check out the various designer malls nearby. Topnotch Resort also features a gift shop, and a boutique where you can buy apparel and accessories from.

The outdoor pools

There is nothing better to do on a hot summer other than lounging by the pool. The hotel provides no less than 2 pools, from which one is designed for children. Consider taking a few hours in the morning to go for a swim and maybe have a cocktail at the pool bar.