Spring and summer are right around the corner and this is great if you already started to make summer plans. Here are 5 reasons we should go to Yellowstone Valley Lodge (Montana), a resort closed for the winter season. Be warned that you will be falling asleep while hearing the river, so this destination is not for light sleepers.

The river is a great place to try your luck at fishing. Fly fishing is the preferred method of catching fish here. For this reason, people who love this activity can benefit from special fly fishing offers. The resort has a long partnership with outfitters specialising in this type of fish catching.

Horseback riding
Some people don’t like fishing, but would rather explore the surroundings. The staff at the Yellowstone Valley Lodge can help you experience almost any type of activity during your stay. The best part about riding a horse while staying at this lodge is that you will explore the wilderness.

Get married
This location is perfect for those who want an outdoor, countryside type of wedding. One of the best feature for this option is that the food will be catered by local farm, therefore it will be beyond delicious. The backdrop for your wedding pictures will be breathtaking.

Eat healthy
Eating healthy is very difficult in the chaotic times we live. However while in a holiday we should have easier access to healthy meals. The lodge at the Yellowstone Valley has access to produce grown locally by farmers. The ingredients are above all organic, and prepared in an open kitchen.

Plan everything
Not all the resorts offer the possibility for their visitors to plan everything about their stay, as they see fit. However, here the guests have full reign over their stay, and almost all aspects of their stay can be tailored to their needs and preferences.